Executive Board



“My name is Kayla Martinez current junior at the Rutgers University Business School. I am pursuing a degree in Management with  a concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies. I decided to join a club after taking Business Forum with Dean Mendez. She told me “to be successful at RBS you must, get good grades, obtain an internship, and be apart of a club at RBS”. That advice resonated with me and I decided to look up which clubs best fit me. In my search  I came across MMS. After their first general body meeting I joined the marketing committee for a semester. I then worked my way to Chief of Corporate Social Responsibility, Vice President, Co-President, and now President for the Fall 2018 semester. A fun fact about me is that I am a single mother, who runs a customized baking company out of my home in between entertaining my two year old daughter!”


Vice President 

“My name is Daniela Moscoso current junior at the Rutgers University Business School. When I first started college I was solely a Finance major, but after meeting marketing professionals through MMS, I knew that I had to double major in both Marketing and Finance.  I mostly got involved in MMS through MMS live and I never looked back since. I enjoy the people and the relationships I have built in this organization. Some fun facts about me are I like to talk a lot & I like to workout so I can eat more!”



“My name is Kimberly Brito senior at the Rutgers University Business school.  My major is Finance because I have a passion for helping others by advising them how to  budget their finances. As for career goals, in the short-term, I want to land an internship that provides me with valuable experiences and skills. In the long term I  hope to be a personal financial adviser. I joined MMS’s Corporate Relations committee after attending one of the club events . Soon after I secured a position as Treasurer. I was passionate about joining MMS’ e-board because I love that while its members are driven to providing RBS students with the best events and career opportunities, they also make sure to have fun, at the same time. A fun fact about myself is that I’ve never ever tried seafood!”


Chief of Corporate Social Responsibilities 

“My name is Kevin Campbell senior at the Rutgers University Business School, where I major in Marketing.  My future career goal is to land my dream job at a successful company’s marketing or advertising department. The reason why I chose to join MMS was not only because  this organization provides numerous opportunities but the people feel like my family away from home . A fun fact about me is that I have six relatives that share the same birthday as mine.”


Chief of Marketing 

“My name is Samantha Jackson senior at the Rutgers University Business School. I am a Marketing major with a minor in Psychology. I chose this double major because marketing is essential to any business, non-profit, or organization and psychology can help you understand the people you are marketing to. As for my future career goals, I aspire to work for a company that I collaborate well with to create positive changes within the company. I found out about MMS from the student organization fair and started attending events. The events hosted by MMS inspired me to  join the E-board ! A fun fact about me is that I dream of going to Tokyo, Japan.”

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Chief of Corporate Events 

“My name is Ty-Lynn Johnson current  junior at the Rutgers University Business School where I am a Finance major. I chose Finance, because  I believe Finance will show me the ins and outs of how a businesses operate. My goal is to use this knowledge and launch my own non-profit focused on youth development. I want to open doors that weren’t open for me growing up in Newark. I started in MMS by joining the MMS Live radio show committee. From there I grew very close to my co-hosts, and began attending events. MMS is truly a family and I believe it is one of the only clubs that hosts a variety of events for all majors. A fun fact about me is that I love to travel and have been fortunate to have my first out of country experience in Japan.”


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Chief of Social Events 

“My name is Giuseppe Mara  junior at the Rutgers University Business School. I’m a double major in Marketing and Supply Chain. I decided to double major because I’ve always had an interest in marketing, however after taking the supply chain intro course and learning more about it, I gained interest in this field as well. As for future career goals, I hope to pursue my dream of living and working in New York City as a consultant. I joined MMS because I really wanted to get involved on campus, and I felt as if I connected really well with those who were already apart of the club. A fun fact about myself is that I can do impressions really well.”


Chief of Broadcasting

“My name is Ariana Sotuela junior at the Rutgers University Business School. I am currently majoring in Marketing and minoring in Spanish. When I first started college my original route was biology but realized Marketing was the field for me after learning about the options I would be able to choose from for my future career. As for my minor, my family is Spanish and is one of the two languages I speak, so I figured-why not, because it would help my future in the business field.  As for future career goals, I am looking forward to hopefully working in the city with a marketing position. Once I realized Marketing was the field I was going to stay in, I was ecstatic to find out RBS offered a marketing club. After going to my first MMS meeting a year ago and learning all they had to offer I knew it was a place for me to thrive. After this past year, MMS and the radio show has allowed me to build great relationships and learn things that I will continue to carry on. A fun fact about me is that I started playing the violin in fourth grade up until high school and I’m working on getting back to it!”


Chief of Public Relations

“My name is Yanae McCray senior at the Rutgers University Business School, where I major in Marketing. I chose to major in Marketing because I felt that it was an element of business that is the perfect balance logic and creativity. I am a natural creative who enjoys using logic to make things beautiful and marketing is the field to help me feature that talent. My future goal  is to one day be a Chief Marketing Officer of company. I first learned about MMS at the Business School club fair and decided to attend a general body meeting. I was instantly intrigued and decided to join the marketing committee, and a semester later I now have a position on the E-board! A fun fact about me is that I can speak French and actually spent a week in France my junior year of high school.”